Acronym : HU     Google Maps
Collector(s) : Leopoldo Horst, later, Kurt-Ingo Horst
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Stands for Leopoldo Horst and Werner Uebelmann, a Swiss nurseryman who distributed material supplied by Horst. HU numbers are said to be taxon numbers only, collected from a variety of locations in some instances. Uebelmann sold his nursery in 1980. Uebelmann and Leopoldo Horst made their last trip together in 1985. From then onwards the HU numbers were continued by Uebelmann and Horst's son Kurt Ingo Horst, after Leopoldo Horst's death. Andreas Hofacker also made three trips to Brazil with Ingo Horst and most HU numbers between HU 1300 and HU 1700 have a synonymous AH number.



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