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507 Fields number on the database for Peter René Oscar Bally


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Euphorbia candelabrum

Ngong Escarpment, Nairobi sw 20 mi, K4, Kenya


Adenia volkensii

Kenya :


Trochomeria macrocarpa

Kibwezi plains, K4, Central Province, Kenya


Zehneria pallidinervia

Pare Mountains, T3,Tanga Province, Tanzania


Coccinia adoensis

Elgon, K3, Kenya


Echidnopsis cereiformis



Aloe fibrosa

Chyulu Hill North, K4, Central Province, Kenya


Echidnopsis dammanniana

Mount Kulal, K1, Northern Province, Kenya


Monadenium invenustum

Kibwezi, K4, Central Province, Kenya


Dioscorea minutiflora

Chyulu foothills, Kenya


Coccinia microphylla

Kibwezi, K4, Central Province, Kenya


Adenia metriosiphon

Ngong Forest, K6, Masai Province, Kenya 1829m


Kalanchoe lateritia

Kajiado old road, Bowica Gorge, K6, Masai Province, Kenya


Coccinia trilobata

Ngong Hills, K6, Masai Province, Kenya


Adenia volkensii

Chyulu Range, K6, Southern Province, Kenya 1280m


Kalanchoe aubrevillei

Mountain Meru, T2, Tanzania


Kalanchoe lateritia v. pseudolateritia

Maji ya Chumvi, Kenya


Euphorbia scheffleri

Kenya :


Senecio amaniensis

North of Pare Hills foot, Same to Lembeni, Tanzania 1000m


Ceropegia denticulata

Kitale, Kenya


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